Quatrevingt-neuvième Jour: Neunundachtzigsten Tag : Tous sont sous neige!

Today (le 17e nov) It snowed a barrel of cats and then some! There is so much snow.  This is probably about at the extent of what a Vancouverite can handle, so yes….  I decided to brave it later in the day to get cheese (yes, only for cheese or honey or coconut milk would I brave bad weather), and slid the length of 2 city blocks.  Surf’s up? The snow is really wet like in Vancouver, but in a quantity one would find in the Okanagan…. and a month and a half early.  I thought I kind of overdid it when I bought my new winter coat – I look like an eskimo ready for hibernation in it- but much to my surprise lots of other people at the grocery store apparently had coats like this too.


You can’t see in the photo, but it has been snowing sideways all day.  I actually saw a bus slide sideways the whole way across an intersection and onto the sidewalk diagonally on the other side of the itnersection…. oops. I am not excited to walk to school tomorrow after everything has frozen overnight and then melted a little bit in the morning. I am going to call walking on this slippery snow “Montreal surfing.”

I am going through a major diet re-examination right now, especially in light of the holidays coming up.  I really don’t want to be tempted by anything unnecessary or that isn’t actually one of my most favorite Christmas foods.  So…. I am going to try and post any new local winter foodie recipes I find, as some inspiration.  I have now cut all the grains out of my diet, so the majority of the food I am eating right now is:

For fruit: apples, pears, frozen blueberries. I do think eating some exports in the winter is a bit more acceptable, but I try to buy ones that are in season right now, not forced-grown…. so: oranges, kiwis, pineapple, mangoes.

For vegetables: Kale, radishes, cauliflower, zucchini, acorn/butternut/buttercup/spaghetti squashes, mushrooms, eggplant, garlic, ginger, green beans, and onions.

For starches: sweet potatoes, baby potatoes, yams.

For dairy: Goat yogurt.  I use goat cheese as a light condiment or ingredient in salad dressing.

For meat: Chicken thighs, ground grass-fed beef, ground pork, boneless pork shoulder, locally made sausages without additives or nitrates, cured pork or wild boar sausage. Local organic brown eggs.

For fats: Coconut oil, olive oil, avocados.

For liquids: White wine, coconut milk, coffee, black tea, peppermint tea

Today I made this amazing salad that I have to share! First of all, I bought the world’s largest cauliflower at the marché yesterday!


So…. I have been looking up a lot of cauliflower recipes.  I tried making “rice” today.  You basically cut up the cauliflower into rice-appropriate sized pieces (much easier with a food processor than by hand, if you have a processor to use), and then you sauté them in olive oil and spices (I used whole cumin seeds and paprika) for about 7 minutes on medium heat. It does NOT taste like rice in terms of flavour …. but in terms of texture, maybe.  I quite despise cauliflower, but I am attempting to make myself like it this week.  Verdict on cauliflower rice: great to mix in with things!

SO, the salad I made:

I threw some chicken and boiled potatoes I have cooked earlier on a plate with my cauliflower rice, added radishes and kale, and made a dressing of vegan mayonnaise, lemon juice, feta cheese, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, roasted garlic, and drizzled the whole mess over it.  I served it with a small side of apple-orange-cranberry sauce I made, and the whole thing was just overly delicious.


Highly suggest you try making this salad too! Tomorrow I hope to try making this:


(Image c/o The First Mess at the link above)


Happy Monday, and happy snowday! (Also happy birthday to my friend Véronique!!)

Here is some Tchaikovsky, to finish off the evening:


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