Quatrevingt-huitième Jour : Achtundachtzigsten Tag : Beaucoup des chats! viele Katzen!

Today (le 16e novembre) is my Dad’s birthday! He had the best birthday horoscope I’ve ever heard. I really do hope lady luck is on his side this year!

It also snowed today! Finally got to pull out my winter boots! Haven’t broken out the coat yet, but soon, I think!


Yesterday I went to check out the McGill library, since I needed to do some research on an art history paper.  I found out there is an entire library wing devoted to art history and architecture! The Blackader-Lauterman Library! So many books! I couldn’t take any books out of the library since I am not an actual student there but I found the ones I was looking for, and spent a good four hours typing notes and quotations from them madly on my computer.  It was definitely an efficient way to get work done, and luckily the metro is not too far to walk to after I was finished. I am hoping I can finish writing this paper by the end of next weekend.

Today I went to the Marché again, and finally worked up the courage to talk to the cat busker! His name is Sam, and he busks every week with his cat! This week is cold, and the kitty had a little sweater! So adorable! We had a good conversation, and he told me about a concert at an art gallery tonight that is having a cat painting exhibition.  Very excited to go see this tonight with Thor!

Sam and his cat:

wpid-20141116_152357.jpg wpid-20141116_152409.jpg wpid-20141116_152508.jpg

I also got some buckwheat honey, a cauliflower larger than a basketball (no joke, I have no idea how I will eat this whole thing!!!), sweet potatoes, fresh oranges and kiwis, and some more local brown eggs.

And the update from later tonight: the cat gallery show was awesome! Some of the paintings were so interesting although the prices were a bit high… I was really inspired by the wide variety of styles, ranging from acrylic to ink to a 3D metal cat sculpture in a bird cage.  Sam the busker was also present and sang a song while his cat sat on a stool by the wine and beer bar, and received many pats  and scratching behind the ears from the audience.

wpid-20141116_185243.jpg wpid-20141116_185250.jpg wpid-20141116_185822.jpg wpid-20141116_185826.jpg wpid-20141116_190357.jpg wpid-20141116_190405.jpg wpid-20141116_190416.jpg

Afterwards Thor and I went for pie at an Australian Pie restaurant a block from our apartment building.  The pies were fantastic! The one I had was stuffed with bacon, swiss cheese, and chunks of stewed beef and carrots.  I took home a few extra pies for dinner this week, since each one is the perfect size for a meal.  Their rum balls are also pretty good!

So it is now snowing quite profusely outside, to the point it will smear your mascara and make the vision through your glasses quite compromised. Enjoy the last bit of the weekend!


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