Soixante-treizième Jour – Il fait froid…..

Ok I am officially a wimp (je suis une mauviette) against cold weather.  Today (le 1e novembre) it feels really cold! I am now very glad I brought my thick long-sleeved shirts with me! Apparently there is supposed to be some snow appearing sometime in the next two weeks.  Going outside has suddenly become my least favorite activity, as now I just want to stay warm.

This morning it took a long time to get out of bed! I slept well for the second night in a row, but I was very drowsy from my naturopathic sleeping pills when trying to wake up.  I probably slept for just short of 12 hours.  Then Thor and I went for breakfast?..lunch? at “Beauty’s,” a diner at the corner of Ave Mont-Royal and Rue Saint Urbain.  I had a latte and a huge plate of pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, and a bagel! As you can imagine, I couldn’t finish all of it! We talked quite a bit about the current scandal in the news, the case of Jian Gomeshi.  I don’t really want to go into the details of my thoughts on this recent news, since it is such a finicky case.  I feel that a lot of obscured information is circulating in the press and that both sides of the argument are being manipulated.  Honestly what will come of it? Gomeshi’s career has already been ruined quite extensively.  If he has been abusive, will he learn from this exposure? I don’t know if people like that can change so easily. I just hope that the women he may have hurt can move on and find some peace, for whatever has happened to them.  I guess none of us will ever really know.

After breakfast Thor and I parted ways and I headed to the Marché Jean-Talon.  I would have just gone home in my hung-over stage, if it wasn’t for the fact I am almost out of honey.  Honey and coconut milk are two of the only things I will brave hell or high water for. The Marché is currently in the winter-ization process.  Suddenly most of the vendors are inside in a giant warehouse that is being constructed.  Only a small handful of vendors are still out in the cold air.

Here are my treasures today:


I finally broke down and bought the garlic I have been eyeing every week.  I need to find a recipe that uses lots of garlic now! The vendor completely sweet talked me into buying it.  Luckily I was able to resist buying a 3 foot tall rosemary tree.


I went to “Les sauveurs de Québec” again, the store with all local products.  A lot fo things are really overpriced, but they do have some things I feel like buying occasionally, and a very large selection of local beer, wine, and spirits.


This amber raspberry (framboise) ale is really good, I am drinking it as I write. It’s made in Mount Tremblant, QC, with local raspberries, barley, wheat, and hops.  The flavour of the raspberries is absolutely vivid, but not sweet.  If I gave the Granville Island Raspberry Ale a score of 5/10, this Saint Arnold amber ale gets a solid 7.5/10.  It,s quite good by my standards.  They also had an IPA released in the Chartier series by the microbrasserie, Glutenberg.  Gluternberg is located in Montreal, but they mainly sell their beer in Quebec and in the United States.


I also found this really amazing beer sausage:


When I returned home from the Marché I found a wonderful card in the mail from my grandmother.  I always love getting cards and letters from her in the mail, and she is the coolest for check out her stamps! :


Now it’s time to compose while I eat beer sausage and drink my amber framboise ale!


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