Soixante-douzième Jour – Joyeaux Hallowe’en!

Yesterday (le 30e oct) I slept almost the entire day.  My head hurt so much all over, and it actually felt like my brain was tender inside my skull.  I have never had so much pain before.  I think the amount of stress I am currently under had just driven me to intense physical discomfort – never a good sign.  I forgot that I had brought a naturopathic migraine cure with me, and after using it a bit my pain was gone by the evening. It’s a mix of herbs -peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, melaleuca, and vertiver. After heavingly drugging myself with melatonin, valerium, and white wine, I was finally able to get some rest – the first time I have slept more than 3 or 4 hours in a week.

By the way this is the best wine I have ever had:


Today (le 31e oct) I went to see Rocky Horror with my friends Maxime and Véronique.  It was quite a lot more crazy than the shows I have seen in Victoria or Vancouver! There were the usual hoards of guys in drag and girls wearing barely any clothes humping and smacking each other, but the crowd was just endlessly rowdy for hours.  The movie started an hour after the projected 8pm start, and was preceeded by a rather uncoordinated dance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and a really sad costume show.  Some of the costumes were good – there was a Jabba the hut costume, and a group that dressed up like the characters from the cartoon show, Archer, but the majority were your standard Hallowe’en costumes.  The costume show took a very long time and I was almost ready to go to sleep by the time the movie actually started.  As per usual, the movie itself was fantastic, but the speakers were so loud most of the sound was distorted.  I think of all the years I have seen Rocky Horror, this showing had the most exciting audience, but my favorite is the show in Victoria, since we could use more props (there were some prohibitions at this Montreal showing since I think damage was caused by throwing rice before) and the volume of the movie in Victoria wasn’t too loud.


(Me dressed up as Magenta, to see Rocky Horror)

All in all it was a lovely evening, and it was great to visit with my new friends again! They took me to a casual but very nice restaurant in the Place-des-Arts Métro, called “Mike’s.” I had a really fantastic pizza, some Woodridge Sauvignon vin blanc, and I also learned about a dish called a “gondola.” No, it’s not the gondola that goes up a mountain, its a pizza that is folded like a crepe (it’s different than a calzone, not the same thing). I explained what I know a gondola to be in BC, and we had a good laugh over that.  This restaurant also had the craziest desserts I have ever seen! We saw one of them brought to another table in a glass dish the size of a small soup pot, brimming with chocolate brownie, ice cream, waffle piece, and the whole outside dipped in chocolate and coated in chopped nuts.  Needless to say it probably contained more than a daily calorie intake!

Now I am back home watching “Ghostbusters” and drinking hot tea.  I hope I have another good sleep tonight so I can focus on my work tomorrow.

Happy Hallowe’en! Be safe everyone.  Eat, drink, and be merry!


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