Soixante-septième Jour – Chat sur une caisse!

I have been really sick the past week, whether from fighting a bug or anxiety, or both.  In either case, this has been helping me feel better:

Today (le 26e oct) Abraham and I went for a petit brunch at the Marché Jean-Talon.  I know I talk about the Marché every other week, but it is really my favorite place in all of Montréal that I have seen so far.  Today there was a busker playing guitar while his gargantuan overly-fluffy cat hunched on an apple crate next to him.  This cat looked completely happy to just sit there in a dopey glaze, staring absentmindedly back at everyone staring at him.

Montreal-Round-2-30 Montreal-MarcheJeanTalon2 6265781608_3b482d9da3_z 050c87408f96b2c8b32cd8e1c491b38a dsc028221 ob_f6890a179cc440793dbd3956ad8a5bbc_img-4449

étal+marché+jean+talon+montreal marchejt2

Montreal, popartichoke, Flickr 14864781579_f891a8e33e
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It doesn,t get any fresher and better than this! For $50 per week I can get 3 giant grocery bags full of vegetables, fruits, honey, and eggs! This week I also splurged on another interesting box of tea and some chocolate bars from Montebello, QC.


Abraham and I went for my favorite Marché breakfast: croissants stuffed with cheese and ham, mayonnaise, and mustard.  They are served warm and the flaky pastry just melts in your mouth! I also managed to find a picture of one of the buskers I have seen a few times around town: A circus performer on stilts who plays flute! He has been at the Marché before, and quite often I have seen him at the Jean-Talon Métro station, playing in one of the corridors underground.  The sound of his flute echoes through all the tunnels in a calming yet also eerie sort of way.



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