Soixante-et-unième Jour – Tangerine, donc, pourquoi pas?

I forgot to mention that I also went to see the “Van Gogh to Kandinsky” Exhibit at the Musée des Beaux Arts! They have a fantastic exhibit right now of the works by the Impressionist and Expressionist painters! We saw works by Van Gogh, Cézanne, Kandinsky, Kirchner, Paul Klee, and one of my new favorites, Christian Rohlfs.


“Stables” By Franz Marc


Théo van Rysselberghe, Plage à marée basse à Ambleteuse


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Nu allongé devant un miroir

Christian Rohlfs-984386

“Birch Trees” Christian Rohlfs


Vincent van Gogh, Saules au coucher du soleil
I have been in a real funk with my composition lately.  I have been trying everything I can think of to become inspired but I am not feeling it. One of the contributing factors to this I think, is that I absolutely despise using music software, and I need to use it for my projects at this time.
I would prefer place more importance on the visual aspects of scores.   This is an idea of scores being more like pieces of art, maybe even 4-dimensional.  I think it is far more interesting if a score presents itself as more than just dots on a page for the musician, as an indeterminate blueprint of what actually occurs when sound or motion is produced.  Even some of the scores I think are truely beautiful in a visual way, such as “Cassandra’s Dreamsong” By Brian Ferneyhough, do not accurately describe the auditory results. These scores place parameters on the minds of the players, moving them to great thinking and coordination at times, but this is in more of a mental capacity than a visual one.
Some of John Cage’s or Ligeti’s works have more visual scores. I wonder how I could take their ideas even further though, while keeping to a meaningful resulting auditory experience.  A few examples:
Ligeti - Artikulation Score 9 John-Cage-5
I am very inspired by visual composition, and maybe my problem is I feel stuck in traditional notation.  In any case I am trying to counteract my current dissatisfaction with composition by working on the accompanying sound recordings for my current project instead.  I am mixing the sounds of rain in a forest with cymbal bowings, woodwind sounds, a rave crowd, and footsteps in an attempt to create a relative sound environment for my piece.  Maybe this will lead to something.
I have also been listening to ClassicFM lately, the UK radio station.  Most of the music they play is enjoyable and not overly dripping with cheese and kitsch. Plus listening to the UK accents is just yummy. Check them out here:
Also some good sounds here:
Happy Monday!

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