Cinquante-neuvième Jour – Un peu vieux, beaucoup de nouveau

I have had a really wonderful week. Thor and I shared some turkey legs and fixings last Sunday (le 12e oct), for a petit “Action de Grâce” (Thanksgiving). I think everyone has something they make especially well at holidays -and I believe mine is quite possibly turkey stuffing (la farce). I don’t use bread -instead wild rice, and I mix it with sausages, bacon, dried cranberries, apples, chicken broth, vegetables, and spices. It turned out so well this year!

The bénéfice (benefit) concert took place on Wednesday night (le 15e oct), to raise scholarship money for students of the Conservatoire. Jonathan and I co-wrote a piece that was performed on the rez-de-chausée (ground floor) as the guests of the evening walked from the “salle de concert” (Concert Hall) to a cocktail reception at the far end of the building. It was a fun project to work on, and I got to meet a few more people at the school.

My friend also came to visit for a few days! We ate at least 6 pounds of smoked meat from Schwartz’s, Le Charcuterie Hebraïque, qui sert la meilleure viande fumée (Hebrew Delicatessen who serves the best smoked meat)! They serve it to you fat, medium, or lean (fat is best!) in a sandwich with mustard. It tastes amazing with a side of pickles and a can of Black Cherry Cola.

We also went to a couple of really fantastic breweries with some of my friends here.
Dieu de ciel
-I LOVE the Rigor mortis beer (a Belgian-style brown ale)! They also had a cidre rosé (rose cider) that was to die for!

Cheval Blanc
I really liked the layout and ambience of this brewery! Lots of mirrors and a long bar, quite inducing of conversation with your neighbours.
I tried the “Blanche” (a German weizen beer) and tried the “Framboozen” (a raspberry ale). Both were very good!

We also paid a visit to Les Trois Brasseurs, and L’Amère À Boire again.

On Thursday night (le 16e oct) we went to see a Canadiens hockey game at the Centre Bell. They played the Boston Bruins and won 6-4. What an awesome game! It featured a laser lights show, an introductory spectacle of projections of the hockey players and their countries of origin on the ice, Ken Dryden passing off the torch to Cary Price, and an amazing rendition of the Canadian anthem by Quebec icon, Ginette Rino. I had a great seat, and could see everything. I thoroughly enjoyed my first live NHL game, and I can’t wait to see more! It is a way more exciting experience than just watching the games on TV.

I also got some excellent poutine today (le 18e oct) before he caught his plane back to Vancouver. We went to Vieux Montréal, the old city quarter, to pay a visit to the restaurant “Montréal Poutine.” I had a poutine with Italian sausages, and my friend had one with smoked meat.
I really like this part of the city, even if it is mostly for the tourists. I liked the older-style architecture and the stark contrast of the grey buildings and overcast sky with all the Autumn colours. It was also such a relief to see the Saint Lawrence river – I haven’t seen such a large body of water since I moved here, and it made me ridiculously homesick for the Pacific Ocean.




Afterwards we went to Archambault, the Quebec music store. What an amazing place! They have musical instruments, musical reading literature, music scores, CDs, vinyl, EVERYTHING!!!! I was so impressed and will definitely be returning there in the future!

And so my friend’s visit drew to a close, and I need to pull out my German books and start studying for my midterm on Wednesday! Also I started re-watching the television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I always get in the mood for these “émissions fantastique” (Supernatural telelvision shows). I just finished watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and I think Charmed will be next. But for now, a little dose of 1990s vampires!
I also bought my ticket to see Rocky Horror Hallowe’en Ball on October 31st! I will be going with my friends Maxime and Véronique; I can’t wait!

Now I am off to cook a pumpkin so I can make some more pumpkin pancakes. I have to work off this “smoked meat and beer” belly I put on in the last few days!


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