Cinquantième Jour – Stress stress stress

It is almost reading break! Thank goodness! Maybe I will finally get my sleep schedule back on track. Things have been chaotic lately.

Last Sunday, Oct 5, Thor and I went for lunch at Lola Rosa for some curry and squash quiche. Very tasty! We passed this interesting scene of baguettes on our way there:
I guess that is one way to give away free food….

I finally back to practicing two hours a day, and hopefully 3 hours a day by November. I can feel my hands starting to work again and the muscles coming back in my face. I had my first septet rehearsal for the Donizetti “Sinfonia” on Tuesday, Oct 7. It was great! Definitely I am still rough around the edges, but it felt so good to play with a group of people again!

I have been so busy writing my composition, analyzing a music score, and studying for my history test I can’t see straight. I think I spent at least 16 hours studying for this history test today (Oct 9), and honestly I don’t know if I passed it. I think partly it is because the topics are so broad (history of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Cave paintings, Greek Gods). Huge topics! Plus I feel there were some points I missed in class, since all the information is in the lectures (there are no handouts or text books). Despite all the time I put into studying and looking everything up, I felt that I either forgot half the French words on the spot, didn’t find that information in all my studying, or got really confused between the French and English in my brain. I noticed some really large differences between some of the information in French and English research on the same subjects -in Egyptian history, the names are all entirely different, as are the names of places, and in general even some of the dates are different (a different counting system is used to keep track of time in some cases). So… I did the best I could but I really hope I didn’t fail the test. It has also been quite a long time since I have taken anything resembling and exam. At least I am sure I won’t get zero marks, and there is still the essay to write (actually incredibly excited about this! I love writing history papers!) and the final exam. Now that I have a better idea of this teacher’s test format and what sort of questions he will ask, I can study better. Still, keeping my fingers crossed for a passing grade on this midterm!

I am overjoyed -one more class until my reading break starts! Tomorrow I am going to sleep until my throat stops hurting and I can get out of bed without coffee. I need to go to the Marché Jean-Talon again, practice some more Taffanel and Gaubert exercises, and write this composition for the benefit night next Wednesday. I am so happy I feel like I am finally starting to adjust back to student life. It certainly is a weird transition from working to being a student and vice versa.

Bonne fin de semaine!


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