Quarante-deuxième Jour : Les trottoirs sont couverts de feuilles

Today brings good news! (le 1ière d’octobre)

The conservatories (hopefully) will not be closed! The Minister of Education is quoted as saying they will all remain open. Hopefully this is indeed true!

Also I finally have a chance to play in an ensemble again! Only one piece, but much better than nothing! It’s very stimulating to have this kind of pressure again, I love it. However, after not playing with anyone else for close to two years, I feel a bit rusty… but I also feel like flute needs to have a lot more presence in my life again. At this point I honestly don’t care if I am the worst musician, I just want to play. I think my goal is to play through as many etude and technique books as possible in the next 7 months, and add my orchestral excerpts back in after that.

Also in other news, The Flower Factory, my work in Vancouver, is featured in this month’s edition of Canadian Florist!

Read the article here:

Today German was fun, but I felt like my brain wasn’t quite in the right place. I couldn’t follow instructions on the handouts and I just generally felt like I had static radio in my head. But at least speaking German makes the French seem far less daunting. I am not at the stage yet where I would watch many movies in German, beyond Soul Kitchen or Der Himmel Über Berlin. (Both amazing films, please watch!)

And the trailer for Der Himmel Uber Berlin:

Tomorrow is art history, another flute practice, possibly a session of Open Music computer software (but I am really confused by the class schedule for this… it doesnt seem to occur every week, or maybe it only happened once?) and a concert in the evening by the Bozzini String Quartet chez Maison de Jeunesse Musicales, featuring compositions by Jürg Frey. Should be exciting!


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