Quarantième Jour – Nous serons en grève!

Tomorrow (le 30 sept) the students at the Montréal Conservatory are striking to protect the conservatory and our culture. There will be a small concert near the bureau of the Minister of Education, and a second feature concert at Place-des-arts.

Read more here:

Sign the petition to save the conservatoires! We need your help!

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Yesterday (le 28 sept) I went with Abraham to see Day 3 of the Stop-Motion Film Festival and the awards ceremony and winning films screening, held at Concordia University. Amazing! Some of the films (there were about 10-15) were very sad, others very funny, and all featuring the work of some very talented artists. The Day 3 schedule featured films by international professionals.
My favorites included:
Anatole’s Little Saucepan, By Eric Montchaud, France
The music for this film was amazing. It held its equal with the visual art, which is very rare for a film I find.

Munya in me, By Mascha Halberstad, Netherlands
Watch the trailer:

MUNYA IN ME trailer from Mascha Halberstad on Vimeo.

They also showed us the very first trailer for “The Little Prince,” the movie adaption of the book that is coming to theatres soon. Some of the judges of the festival just finished working on it.
The very first trailer, in Japanese.

They also showed us a clip from the behind the scenes of making the film, that nobody has ever seen. It was really cool!

Check out the website for Montreal Stop-Motion here:

This also gave me the opportunity to check out the campus of Concordia University. It really reminded me of UVic in way, in terms of its aesthetic. It felt very friendly and welcoming, and had some interesting building architecture. The campus is spread out across a few city blocks near the Guy-Concordia Métro station.

Heading home afterwards some creep started following me, telling me how beautiful I was. When I didn’t respond to him, he became angry and started harassing me, asking why I couldn’t accept a compliment and waving his hands around. He actually followed me to my apartment! I really hope he drops it and doesn’t bother me again. Yuck.

Today (le 29 sept) I was reminded again of Luka Magnotta. His trial started today in Montréal. It made me realize: 1. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with police work and crime shows. 2. I could never be a lawyer. The defense is trying to get Magnotta off on less severe charges based on the notion that he is mentally unstable. That may be part of it, but I am really glad it isn’t me trying to prove that. I remember reading about the murder he committed and the man hunt to find him back in 2012.

I leave you with some funk, as it may brighten your day (or night).

À demain!


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