Trentsixième Jour – Une semaine tourbillon

What a week! I have been so busy I have barely had a spare moment to do anything.

My composition is now taking form, at least I feel like my ideas for it are more organized. I went and recorded material for it in the park across the street; the sounds of African drumming, rain, footsteps on gravel, an outdoor DJ, and a crowd screaming and cheering. I have some more text to record, with the help of the wind quintet that is learning my piece, and some theater students.

I also took my first test in French on art history. Honestly it was very easy, fill in the blanks information about Greek deities, but it felt like a large achievement nonetheless. I have learned all sorts of ways to describe sex and violence, thanks to this unit of study:

Description of sex (historically speaking): (most of these would not be commonly used, as their meanings are more like “unite” “grow” or “generate.”
s’unir -to unite
croître -to grow
engendre -to generate
violer -to rape

emasculer -to cut off a man’s genitals
tuer -to kill
torturer -to torture
poignarder -to stab
sabrer -to slash
battre -to beat
fouetter – to whip someone

Lovely words I am learning! Ah the joys of Greek mythology.

After spending the majority of my week studying, I needed a break today (le 26 sept) and I went to the Marché Jean-Talon. I think this is becoming a Friday thing for me. This time when I went to the egg stand to get my usual “douzaine gros brun” (dozen brown large eggs), the vendeur was also selling wildflower honey! (miel de sauvages) at 1 kg for $8. Sold. Done deal. I am a honey fanatic, and it plays an essential part in my daily 5-8 cups of tea regime.

I feel honestly like very little happened this week of great interest – unless you would like to hear about the terrors of music computer software programs. I am learning to use one called “Open Music.” Ça me rend vraiment peur. (Leaves me scared). If there was something I never thought, going into university 6 years ago, that I would ever have to learn, it is software coding. Every time I look at this program a sincere sense of panic washes over me and I put my tail between my legs and run to the Youtube tutorials.

In other news I have stopped sleeping almost all together at this point. I wake up early to study or for class, and at night I am having nightmares that leave me unable to fall asleep the day after. The nightmares have no pattern either. In one I will find myself in a zombie apocalypse, in another my boyfriend leaves me, in another my parents start chewing on leaves and are speaking a language I cant understand. In one horrible dream my lips start bleeding and one of my friends from elementary school, grown up, stands there lecturing at me to clean up the blood and my lips just keep bleeding until everything is dark red and its pouring out of my nose as well. Evidently I should set up a brain monitor at night and start charging money for people to watch my dreams; they tell a good horror story any night of the week it seems.
So… I am not sleeping more than 3-4 hours a night. On top of this, my apartment has a mysterious beeping box! It likes to beep, n a med-high pitch 3 times consecutively, then takes a small pause and repeats. It does this for about 5 minutes. IT IS SO IRRITATING AT 4:30 AM !!!
I think the box is a speaker connected to a central apartment building smoke or Co2 detector in the hallway just outside my door. I know it isnt my smoke detector because it doesnt even have any batteries in it at the moment. The sound also isnt as high pitched as any smoke detector I have ever heard, fully functioning or low on batteries. I really hope that the magical box stops waking me up in the middle of the night!

This weekend I am going to see a film festival at Concordia with my friend Abraham. Very excited to see some of the films that will be presented!

Also lets play a game. Can you find the dog in this picture (hint, look in the weed-ridden “garden.”)

And this sadistic pigeon. I am shaming him for hitting me in the head when he attempted his sidewalk runway landing. Fail.


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