Vingthuitième Jour – Des rideaux sont arrivés!

My curtains arrived today! J’ai mes rideaux, finalement! (le 18 sept)


A big thank you to my dear Mum for making them. I am so looking forward to a sleep uninterrupted by 5 street lights and the glare of a construction zone. This is my first night in the dark in 28 days. Sounds like a horror movie plot.

Today I also found out something very disturbing at school: an administration board is meeting at school in the morning to ponder the idea of shutting down several or all of the conservatory locations (there are 7 locations of my school in Québec: Montréal, Québec, Saguenay, Trois-Rivières, Val D’or, Gatineau, Rimousky). This possibly includes my school. I really hope this doesn’t come to pass, considering my program just started! Also the thought of taking arts and culture out of these smaller cities and concentrating it only in Quebec and Montréal is disgusting. The government is robbing the people of culture. I also feel enraged that my program I just started is being threatened. I need time to think this over, and see what comes of the meeting tomorrow morning. I doubt anything would be put into action this year, but I also wonder what the government expects to happen to all these students that are half way through their degree programs. It makes me feel sick.

In other news, winter is coming! It is getting really cold here! I was reading that the winter here is predicted to be quite cruel this year too… very glad I bought my winter coat already and my new snowboots. Come at me, snow, I am ready for you!

-But I am really missing Vancouver’s fog-laden autumn. Tomorrow I am going to the Marché Jean-Talon to buy a pumpkin, steam it, and make flourless cinnamon-pumpkin pancakes.

I leave you with this question: if higher forces that be in your city put you in such a situation: eliminated your job need, terminated your school program, etc, how would you feel? What course of action would you take? Between the BC Teachers strike back home, and this new threat at the conservatoire, my head feels a bit full tonight. How would you respond? Protest? Letter? Assassination with poisonous darts? Let me know!


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