Vingtsixième Jour – Les inquiètes et poutine en conserve

I’ve had a very stressful few days… but first:

(le 14 sept dimanche) I went with my new friend Abraham to see the Musée des beaux arts à Montréal. C’était fantastique. We were there for several hours, almost until the museum closed, and we still didn’t get to see all of the exhibits. There were works by Picasso, Degas, Cezanne, Group of Seven, Michel Lemieux et Victor Pilon, Emily Carr, and others. There were also exhibits of Renaissance and Medieval Art, some Pre-raphaelites, Rococo, and… a Napoleon exhibit! I saw Napoleon’s hat with my own two eyes!

The first Picasso I have seen for real:
(c/o CBC Radio Ici)


This giant stuffed animal collage. This thing was huge! Almost the length of a whole hallway. It reminded me of the edible wallpaper from the Willy Wonka movie with Gene Wilder.
(Image c/o

(c/o Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal/Marc Cramer, Radio CBC ICI)

Also these incredibly tiny stairs were throughout most of the museum that it was impossible to walk normally up… you could either “limp” or take gargantuan strides:
stairs musee

Afterwards Abraham and I went to one of the Les 3 Brasseurs locations for an early dinner. I managed to find a sauerkraut plate with 3 different kinds of German sausage! Also they had a promotional beer… it was okay, nothing as good as Steel & Oak back home, but not a bad beer.

I have had a bit of bad luck since Sunday in that I received my student loan and the amount was about 1/6th of what I actually need for school. After breaking down in the secretary’s office, she mentioned a bourse de conservatoire (scholarship offered by my school each semester) so I managed to fill that out and had an extension to hand it in late (today instead of yesterday). Thank goodness for the secretary/financial officer. She is one of the nicest, most friendly people that I have met here. I really like her!

On my way home from school today (le 16 sept) I stopped at Provigo (President’s Choice en français) to get some groceries and found this horrific sight in the canned food aisle:
CANNED POUTINE! Feel the bile rising in your throat at the thought? They also had canned chicken poutine sandwiches; I don’t even want to think about those!

I am so excited to receive my curtains in the mail sometime this Wednesday so I will finally have some privacy in my apartment. Only one more sleepless night full of traffic lights! Bon soir!


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