Vingtroisième Jour – Bière et concert

Aujourd’hui ( le 13 sept) il pleut des grenouilles! It rained “frogs” today – it rained so much and was so windy I couldn’t see where I was walking half the time, and I was completely soaked through my coat, boots, and umbrella. Miserable weather!

I met with my new friends Véronique and Maxime for souper (supper) at la brasserie (brewery), L’Amère à Boire. It was such a fun evening! I discovered they had “bretzels de sel” (a bretzel is a German pretzel traditionally served with beer, at least this is my understanding), and I ended up having a glass of hefeweizen beer with the bretzel and ….. moutard caramel! (caramel mustard) The mustard was amazingly good, I have never tasted anything like it. The bretzel was good too, although not quite as good as the ones that Jay makes.

After dinner we headed to the conservatoire to see a composition concert. I was really surprised at how may people were there, in the pouring rain, on a Saturday night. There weren’t enough chairs! The music was really, really good. I think the conservatoire has some very strong composers, and they really have a good grasp on colour. One of the pieces featured a film of a man in a full body black leotard (face covered too). He would put on and take off a white face mask, dress in French 14th ce style clothing, or pour paint down his face and smear it around. This film was so commanding; I loved it. I felt content, stimulated, disturbed, assured, and afraid all at the same time. I think this piece changed something in my perspective of art. I have some sort of new goal and idea now.

I was so tired after the concert, I did some work and headed home where I collapsed with a cup of tea and now I am writing this, wondering how on earth I could write something now.

Tomorrow I am going to the museum with my new friend, Abraham; the exhibits should be quite interesting! I also want to check prices on video cameras, find a pumpkin scented candle, and check out the McGill library if I have enough hours in the day. Then I need to write some music for my lesson! Once again I find myself composing at the last minute; I must make an effort to write more music this week!


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