Vingt-deuxième Jour – pommettes et bibliothécaires grincheux

Yesterday (le 11 sept) I said goodbye to Nadia and Thor for quite some time. Thor is in Greece for close to 3 weeks for a work conference, and Nadia is off to do basic military training before she moves further east in Canada to take her spot as reigning Corporal bassoonist in the military orchestra. We watched a group of very attractive men pack all of Nadia’s things off in a van (she wasn’t allowed to pack her things, the military comes and does it for her…. a little bit terrifying!). Afterwards we went for dumplings at Sammi and Soupe Dumpling Restaurant. Through a large glass window near our table we could see two Chinese ladies making all the dumplings by hand and placing them in bamboo steamer baskets. I had pork shrimp scallop dumplings and they were delicious -full of juice and very hot. They were served with chili sauce and soy sauce which just added to the “délice.”

After that I went to the Bell Centre to check out the Montréal Canadiens Museum. Really cool! I have to brush up on my history before Jay takes me to a game between the Habs and Boston Bruins next month, since I am not as familiar with the Habs as the Vancouver Canucks. Their goalie, Price, is a British Columbia boy! The other player I really like, P.K. Subban, is from Ontario. The museum had lots of cool artifacts – all sorts of jerseys and gear worn by Maurice “Rocket” Richard, and Patrick Roy, amongst other. There was even a whole corridor of gear worn by enemy teams like the Bruins and Maple Leafs. They also had lots of items with the Canadiens on them from the 1920s-current, such as cereal boxes, action figures, magazines, sweaters, pens, and hockey sticks. It was cool to see some of these things from past decades; it made me miss the 1990s. Very glad I went to see this museum; I can,t wait to see the season opening game next month on the 16th!


New York Islanders  v Montreal Canadiens

(Images c/o Fraçois Lacasse et Les Canadiens)

Today (le 12 sept) it really felt like the first day of “automne.” The air is suddenly cold and crisp, and the dark creeps in earlier at night. I have the urge to buy pumpkins.
I spent the morning emailing profs at school to inquire about flute playing opportunities. Unfortunately I haven’t found any yet. I am thinking about taking private jazz and baroque lessons at this point.

I went to la bibliothèque au conservatoire (library) to find some books of instrument fingering charts and some new flute etudes to learn. The librarian screamed at me for placing a book neatly on the ground next to the stack i was searching. When I asked her help to find a score by Gérard Grisey she pushed me over to the computer and scolded me angrily in French while she pulled up the score webpage. This library, I have to say, is not great. Thank goodness I have access to the library at McGill and Serge’s master computer because this library has very little in the way of resources and their filing system makes zero sense. They have an okay selection of scores if you are a singer and like only classical and romantic music, but beyond that there is a major lack of resources. Tomorrow I head across the mountain to the McGill library! Excitement! After getting scolded I felt pretty low (the librarian (bibliothécaire) gave me this look when I was speaking French to her that made me want to curl up and hide … a look of half disgust, part confusion, and part anger).

So… I went to the Marché Jean-Talon to buy some fresh produce. It was wonderful! I bought fresh veggies, a whole bag of strawberries for $5, a whole bag of crab apples for $4, fresh turkey, a piece ginger bigger than my hands, an onion bigger than my head, farm eggs from a local family, local dried cranberries, and some really inexpensive baking soda (600 grams for $1).

For dinner I made Ginger beef, but using turkey.. so “dinde de gingre avec des légumes.” Afterwards I broke in my oven by making baked crabapples (pommettes) with cinnamon, dried cranberries, cloves, vanilla, lavender, coconut oil, and a little bit of sugar. C’était délicieux!





By the way if anyone knows what the half dead looking flowers are, please tell me! They smelled really good; one of the vendors gave them to me as a gift.

Well I am going to fall asleep enjoying the lovely smell of cinnamon and vanilla in my apartment. Bonne nuit!


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