Vingtième Jour! Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch!

Today (le 10 septembre) I learned to mount a curtain rod! I was so proud I took pictures. My mum is mailing me my curtains in a day or two; I can’t wait to be able to block out the sun in the mornings so I can sleep in past 6:30am!Plus it will nice to have some perceived privacy from the world outside.


I also had German class today. We learned about “formel” and “informel” speech differences, and then rehearsed some dialogues and listened to recordings of young Europeans talking in German about where they were from. I am really surprised how little homework there is, but it is a beginner’s class. The text books are very interactive, I quite like them. I really feel like going to Germany after taking this class!

In other happenings, I managed to spend only $15 on groceries today, as opposed to the past 3 bills of $40-$80 this week. Buying start-up kitchen supplies like cooking oil and mayonnaise costs a surprising amount of money. I am so happy I can stop spending so much now that my apartment is all set up except for my curtains. I did find this gray sea salt from Maison D’Orphée today (I also use their brand of coconut oil). It looks very exciting; I will have to cook something salty!



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