Dix-neuvième Jour -Un nouvel oeuvre!

I haven’t written for a few days because….. school has taken off! Sunday and Monday are generally the busiest days for me, the might procrastinator. I wait until the last minute and then work most efficiently to cram all my composition in. This is horrible, and I am going to make an effort to get more on paper the other days of the week beyond just conceptualizing and thinking about my ideas. I’m very impatient, and getting my ideas on paper is always the most tedious and time-consuming part of the operation.

I had a wonderful composition lesson on Monday with Serge. I feel like I finally understand how French composers like Debussy, Messiaen, and Grisey think about colour and timbre. This is making a lit more sense! I am approaching the composition I am working on from a very different approach, kind of like building a house through the frame and then adding walls and insulation (the way it should be done!) as opposed to building each floor completely and then stacking them (more like my old style of composing). It feels very weird, like driving a brand new car, but also very wonderful and refreshing.

I was also selected to co-write music with another composition masters student for a financial donor,s benefit gala in October. We will have players in the foyer on each level of the building playing out over the foyer from balconies. Other players will be playing loudly in the elevator (what a surprise when the doors open!). Finally a third group of musicians will physically walk with the donors as they move from the grand recital hall to a different salon. The music will be partly improvised, partly conducted, and I am really looking forward to working to create this piece with the other student, Jonathan.

Today (le 9ième sept) I also had a drink with Thor, as he leaves for Greece on Thursday! He will be gone for almost 3 weeks for a work conference, lucky duck! Nadia is leaving this week too, I must see her before she leaves!

I also took pictures of my new teapot, Lucy! And more of my apartment too, in the day light.





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