Treizième Jour – Ma cuisinière a été livrée

le 4 septembre 2014

Ma cuisinière a été livrée aujourd’hui! I finally got my stove!! It worked out perfectly, I had to be home anyways as my internet was hooked up today too, and ten minutes before the internet guy turned up, so did the building renovator with my stove! It is so shiny and new, and has that horrible new stove smell! I was quite amused, as the stove didn’t fit in the space the renovator had left for it, and he ended up getting a hammer and taking out the baseboards around the wall so that the stove could fit in the alcove. It is literally milimetres from the wall on both sides (with a little space at the back). I really hope I don’t burn the whole building down by baking muffins!

I also finally got a proper cup of tea today. Few things are as nice as having strong tea, the way you like it. Easpecially after having so many mediocres cups of red rose this past 2 weeks.

Art history today was actually quite interesting. We learned about lots of prehistoric cave paintings, especially in the preserved sites in France: Lascaux and Chauvet. These are some of the earliest known in our culture, and some are not viewable to the public for they will deteriorate in the humidity. It was cool to learn that the ancient peoples ground up various rocks to make wet and dry paints, or used blood or plant dyes to broaden their colour palettes for painting. Most of the pictures are of animals -ones to be hunted, or prized kills. Bison, mammoths, panthers, cave bears, bovine, horses, and birds, as well as mythical-looking creatures such as minotaurs. Some of the paintings are just lines, a handprint, or a series of dots, and others are much more sophisticated, even with clean lines etched in the rock instead of messy scratchings!


(Image source:

I also went out for dinner with Thor and Nadia tonight, and met some great people from McGill! I hope I can see them again in the future!

Thor and I passed this ridiculously cute Husky on our way to Saint Catherine’s St West, and he bayed for us. k

Also drinks at the restaurant, because this is a cauldron!

More Montreal graffiti:

And a very interesting statue. It reminds me of all things I can think of related to clowns and balloons, but made of blown glass. I really like this piece!

Bon soir!


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