Douzième Jour – les marées agités à l’intérieur

le 3 septembre 2014

Today I finally got my mattress! Looking forward to a good sleep tomorrow night, with a cup of REAL TEA! My dear friend Nadia waited for the movers in the apartment while I was at German class. I supplied her with movies, a yoga mat, wine, cheese, and strawberries. Needless to say she was pretty satisfied with her mattress babysitting experience. Thank you Nadia!

In the morning I went to the Marché Jean-Talon. I have never seen so many produce vendors in my life! Plus it is hard to say if one is better than the other, or cheaper; they all had such good products, and there had to have been at least 50 vendors selling the same fruits and vegetables. It was so overwhelming; I must go shopping there again! I managed to find a croissant there for breakfast -delicious. It was stuffed with cheese and ham and enough mustard to make me wince with joy (I love mustard beyond what is or should be considered a healthy addiction!).

I also managed to get quite a few things unpacked and assembled, so it wont feel like I am sleeping in a warehouse of goods tomorrow night. Plus Thor solved the problem of the day: opening my window to let in fresh air. It was frozen shut and after pulling on it all morning I had given up on using it, and Thor opened it with barely a glance. The god of thunder really can solve any problem!

German class was fun today too. We learned how to say the alphabet using a rap song for little kids. I will now forever wrap the German alphabet! We also practiced asking “Welche sprache sprichst du?” (What language do you speak? This was very difficult to pronounce!

Tomorrow I have histoire de l’art and then I am getting my internet hooked up and going to both Nadia’s good bye party, and Thor’s lecture and party. Then I finally get to sleep in my new home!


Goodnight Montréal! The moon is watching over you!


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