Onzième Jour – La pluie sans fin

le 2ième septembre 2014

Aujourd’hui, il a plu sans arrêt. (It rained non-stop today). I had my cours d’analyse at 1 pm and Serge told me lots of good things about the Jean Talon Farmers market. I will have to check it out next week! I also had a very good chat with the other composer in my class. I found out there is a composer’s concert this Saturday night, I’m looking forward to go see what the other student composers’ music here is like!

After class I made a visit to the quincaillerie de Saint Laurent (hardware store) to buy more things for my apartment. I have had exceeding trouble finding a cheap kettle under $50 that isn’t plastic, so I decided to make the trek out to try Canadian Tire one more time. Success! Found a kettle! I knew if I didn’t find one for when I move in on Thursday, I would be destroyed. I haven’t had more than one proper cup of tea in the past 11 days, a fact that terrifies me.

I was walking back to my apartment after and I felt a few drops of rain. When this happened last week I got stuck in torrential downpour and started running. Literally as soon as I got in the front door, the bucket turned upside down on Montreal for a good half an hour, wall-to-wall water. It continued to rain most of the evening, but at least lightly enough I was willing to go back and grab my stuff from the conservatoire and get some Green Panther for dinner.

Much to my horror I discovered that “The Fall,” the TV series I started watching only has 6 episodes out and I am all caught up. It is the same problem as when you finish a really good book. You sit there, wondering why there isn’t anymore. It is one of the worst feelings! No wonder telelvision makes so much money, they keep us coming back for more.

What an absolutely exhausting day, tromping around looking for kettles, lightbulbs, fans, and shoe racks. À demain!


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