Dixième jour -Démènagement

le 1ère septembre 2014

Today I took a taxi ride with a very nice man to move my suitcases into my apartment. He even wheeled them all up the ramp for me without me even asking! Diamond Taxi is definitely my favorite taxi company at this point. It’s interesting, you can even book your taxi online through the app or website for whichever day or time, or ASAP and they just show up like magic, right on time. You can keep records of your past destinations too, if you use one of them frequently. Maybe I am old fashioned but I didn’t know that kind of online taxi service was so popular – I love it!

After I got the bags in my apartment I went on an epic adventure to find Canadian Tire and Home Depot… on Labour day. Les deux étaient fermé. (They were closed). However, after getting off at Rosemount Metro Station and walking to their addresses, I did discover the “East Hastings” area of town. Lovely area, full of graffiti and garbage. That being said though it was a ghost town, I barely saw a single person.

After getting a bus back to rue Mont-Royal I found a Hindi Bazaar, and bought a ton of stuff there instead. I got a whole 20-piece dish set for $20! The little things bring me joy… I also finally bought my Montréal yoga mat. It is so green it looks like it could be made out of wheat grass smoothies.

I also found out that one of the pharmacie stores here, Pharmaprix, is owned by Shoppers Drug Mart, and they accept by BC Shoppers Optimum Card for points. So happy I can still get those points here!

In any case, pictures of my new place! I will repost when it is all furnished after i get my stuff shipped from Greyhound.



I also finally started analysing music again tonight. It took two years, but I forced my brain to return there and after much procrastination and huffing my meninges (brain) gave in. I also found a new show on Netflix called “The Fall.” It’s a crime dramam series that takes place in Belfast. Exactly what I needed after finishing all four seasons of “The Killing.” I love the main characters in these shows; they are very strong women with exceedingly damaged personalities.

Info on The Fall:


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