Neuvième Jour – Il y avait un peu de ceci et cela

I often find myself writing these posts after midnight (yes! I don’t sleep!) so… my posts are usually in reference to the previous day, not the date it labelled as. Just to clarify I will write the date the post is in reference to at the top of my entry from now on. It is silly that these things are not adjustable on wordpress, but the website is punctually correct and I am a night owl, and it seems we will have an incongruent friendship.

31ième d’août deux-mille-quatorze (2014)

Today was a day of many strange things…

I got hit on at the bus stop this morning by a man from Lebanon. He was very nice at first, just looking for help finding his bus, which I graciously provided en français. Then he started asking about my school program and said he was interested in music. I talked about my program a bit and said he should text me if he wants the concert schedule of events. Anyways it turned into a text he sent later to me on the bus saying “well I guess I could go out for coffee with you.” First off, that was not my intention! And secondly, what a passive-agressive wording for someone you just met at a bus stop! Some (not all) of the men here seem very difficult to make friends with; they judge women very sexually and on a lower level than them. This guy made me upset for a good few hours afterwards. I honestly thought he was interested in music but I guess it was a fake conversation. I will have to be a bit more aware next time. It is difficult right now because I havent made any new friends here yet and if anyone speaks to me I am overjoyed to talk, and also to speak French.

I found this marvelous alley way filled with staircases a block from the Laurier Métro near Rue Berri. I want to run up and down each one!


Also this sign post. I love it. Now we know where the children are…

I also had a meltdown about how expensive everything is… the food, clothes, internet, etc. I am really looking forward to being able to cook all my own food at home and spend money on take out. I also have a very large addict problem…. with clothes shopping. It is like crack to me, and I am going to make a very concious effort not to spend money on clothes here unless it is absolutely necessary (like a winter coat). If you have any tips for curbing clothes shopping addiction, please post a comment or send me a message!
“Il faut que je n’achète pas des nouveaux vêtements!”

I walked from the plateau over to McGill and saw the hoards of frosh week students. They had matching t-shirts and looked completely lost. At least a handful of kids asked me for directions, which I was amazed I could actually answer. On my way to McGill University I passed by Parc Mont-Royal again and saw the Monument à Sir George-Étienne Cartier. It is a giant statue of the good Sir, where Afro-Caribbean bands play drums and dance, and small children and dogs run loose while their exhausted parents eat hot dogs and crème-glacée (ice cream) in the shade.

On Saint Catherine-Ouest I got caught in a flash rain storm and soaked to the bone. I was hiding in HMV and decided to make a mad dash for it. I discovered a Winners where I bought my prized womanly possession: an Italian ceramic frying pan! (I picture myself carrying it across the humid city like an Amazonian warrior woman. I also found this adorable Portuguese café that served me the best bison burger I have ever tasted. It was dripping with meat juice, and came with a green salad and café glacée avec lait du soya (iced coffee with soy milk). Il s’appelle, “Vasco Da Gama”, and is located on Rue Peel near the Peel Métro.

After that I made a mad dash through the mall as it was closing to access the Métro, and successfully transferred from the Green line (Agrignon) to the Orange line (Côte Vertu) to the Blue line (Saint-Michel) and got off the train at Côte-des-Neiges without getting lost. Yay!

Tomorrow I move my suitcases into my apartment, and move to the “grand chambre” in the héberge for three nights until my apartment has a bed and internet. Bon soir, mes amis!


One thought on “Neuvième Jour – Il y avait un peu de ceci et cela

  1. Omg! Cafe Vasco da Gama is one of my favourites! I had forgotten about it. Make sure that you try their veggie burger next time, it is one of the best veggie burgers that I have ever had

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