Huitième Jour – Parc Mont-Royal

Today I slept in until 1pm! I haven’t slept in that long since I was a teenager. I guess this week has left me really tired! I am really looking forward to being fully moved into my apartment next weekend.

I met Nadia and Thor for thé glacé (iced tea) near Avenue du Parc and Saint Urbain, at Café Plume. Then we went and hung out in Parc Mont-Royal for a while and sat on the grass under a shady maple tree. I really notice the difference in trees here: there are barely any coniferous trees (fir, pine, cedar), only deciduous types (oak, maple, birch, poplar). It isn’t a huge difference, you would think – there are still lots of trees everywhere, but somehow it might be what I miss most about British Columbia. Thor told me that in late September all the leaves will be changing colour, and it is an excellent time to hike the McGill mountain through Parc Mont-Royal and see all the colours and the view of the city. I can’t wait to see it!

Afterwards Nadia and I went to La Panthère Verte (The Green Panther) for some grub. Their motto is “Bonne bouffe pour la jungle urbaine,” (good grub for the urbain jungle). They have a health-friendly menu, it is definitely one of my favorite places already! They carry smoothies, green juices, wheat grass shots, salads, soups, and sandwiches. I got a half a pita pocket stuffed with a veggie burger, pickles, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, onions, tahini sauce, and cucumbers. The smoothies are ridiculously good too! One had blueberries, coconut milk, banana, chia seeds, and rice milk. The one I had today was really good too: chai, coconut and rice milk, dates, banana, and goji berries. I think it is my favorite.

While walking with Nadia along Mont-Royal we came across a marché de la rue d’été (street summer market). All the stores move their merchandise into the street and there is a lot of good food, cheap clothing, dancing, and entertainment. There are a surprising number of dance studios here, and many were teaching people in the street to breakdance, salsa, or bellydance in order to sell lesson sets through their studios. I also found an amazing dress. Nadia stuck her hand in a clothing rack and pulled it out; I tried it on and it fit like a glove! Plus it was on sale for $20 instead of $100. So it came to pass that I bought my first Montreal outift.

I started reading over my 100 page analysis document and discovered that thankfully it is only 8 or so pages repeated several times in the same PDF file. Thank my lucky stars! I also discovered one of Tristan Murail’s pieces, “Vampyr!” Oohh I like, I really like! He is merging the lines between classical music and what electric guitars were meant to do. I want to write something like this, except even more crazy!

Give it a listen:


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