Septième Jour – Fin de semaine

So, I have been in Montréal almost a whole week now. It feels more like a month!

Today I got the keys to my apartment and repacked my suitcases so that I can pack them over to my new place on the morning of September 1st.

I was a bit offended by the guy I got my keys from today. I have never, in my life, met such a grumpy person! He is the building’s apartment renovator, and basically refused to speak to me. I tried to speak some French with him – said the weather was nice, that I was new to Montreal, and when would the stove be in my unit. He didnt say a single thing to me, except that my stove would arrive “later.” He seemed to think I didnt know how to close and open the front door to my unit as well, and snarled at me before stomping back to the elevator and directing me outside without so much as a “Bonne journée.” What a bitter person!

On the other hand, I did finally get an internet contract! It will be installed next Thursday, and I can request paperless billing the day after. It’s $65 plus tax per month (I feel myself die a little inside over the cost!) but at least with this plan I know I wont go over my alotted gigabytes per month. I decided to go with Videotron in the end, because their phone representatives have really good reviews and the store is a 10 minute walk from the conservatoire in the event that I have a problem.

I did try starting conversation at school today with a cellist. She was really nice, and I hope I get the chance to talk to her again! I think she is good friends with the guy in my cours d’analyse…
I have noticed that the style of dressing and fashion is very different from Montreal to Vancouver. Vancouver has more of a hobo-healthy living dress style, merged with insanely expensive fabrics. Montreal is long flowy dresses and skirts, or extremely bare stomachs. Everyone has a very high accentuated waistline, just under the bust. Women draw attention to their waists by wearing only a bra-shirt and long flowy skirt, or a cinched waist (via clothing design or belt). I feel a bit out of place in my Vancouver clothes, which is just silly. I am excited for winter when I can wear most of the clothes I brought. I did not pack with 30 degree weather in mind!

There is a giant analysis essay I am supposed to read for my cours d’anaylse on Tues, which I discovered is 100 pages! That is a lot of translating! But I am learning new words:
mise – scene
niveaux – levels
pente – slope
taux -rate
esquiver – to dodge something
sinon – otherwise
aveugle – blind (unable to see, not window blinds)

Tonight I decided to stay in and watch Netflix. I looked back over what I did this past week, and felt absolutely exhausted. I am making a list of all the things I need to buy for my new place, and going to bed!


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