Cinquième Jour – Je suis nostalgique

Today I experienced beaucoup du sentiment nostalgique (homesickness). I thought about all the places I love going to, and my friends, family, and the beautiful scenery. I was sad. Then I thought about all the new things I have experienced here in 4 full days and I felt much better.

Today I got a full tour of the music school. Ghislaine is wonderful! (The financial aid/front desk lady). She looks so youthful I thought she was half her age, and she has great enthusiasm and so much knowledge. I get the feeling she really runs the show. The rooms are so cool. Most have two doors and computer-controlled humidity and temperature gages for all the pianos and other instruments. All the classrooms have hardwood floors and giant wall-size mirrors. The school also rents a lot of its space to the community since there are so many halls and theatres.

I went walking along Saint Denis after my tour, and began to explore Saint Hubert, a few blocks over. I really like the plateau for all of its bookstores, restaurants, bars, clubs, and boutiques. It has a little bit of everything you could possibly need. Including this fascinating cookbook:


I also had my first German class! It was taught in French, and I survived, quite enjoyably so. I also finally started to talk to a few students and breach the barrier, but I feel like it may take some time. I caught this amazing view as i was heading in before class from the second floor:

Also really want to check out this jazz club on the weekend and hear some Montreal sounds. It’s name means “sharp” (as in the musical pitch designation – A#).

Too tired for words, but finally starting to feel like I fit in! Bonne nuit, Guten nacht!


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